About Joseph P. Gilana

Honesty, Empathy, Ardor, Respect, and Trust (HEART) are the foundation of Joseph Gilana's
business, career, and life.  He truly believes that having these basis would lead him to a happy
and successful path.

Throughout Joseph Gilana’s career, twenty years were spent working with large financial
institutions in both retail and commercial banks.  He has previously worked for Bank of America,
Union Bank of California (formerly The Bank of California), Silicon Valley Bank, and Comerica
Bank.  In the banking industry, he provided customer/client services, financial services, managed
commercial loan accounts, bank operations, and worked with information technology.  During
these experiences, he received awards and numerous commendations from both his internal
and external clients for providing the highest quality services.  Joseph holds a master’s degree in
technology management and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

With extensive experience in banking, an M.B.A. Degree and a B.S. Degree in Business, in 2005,
he set a goal to apply them into the Real Estate business to provide consumers alternative high
quality services and to enable homeowners and homebuyers to maximize what they can get out of
their hard earned money.  

In Addition, as a licensed California Real Estate Broker, Joseph Gilana is a certified member of
the following associations.
Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®
·        California Association of REALTORS®
·        National Association of REALTORS®

Besides the English language, he fluently speaks, reads, and writes Tagalog, the Philippine
language.  He also understands and modestly speaks another Philippine dialect, Ilocano.  A
family man, he has been married for a good twenty five years with his wife and together they have
a child.
Joseph P. Gilana
Joseph Gilana
Real Estate Broker / Realtor®
"Providing Exemplary Service."
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